The First Presidency is sitting on the wrong side!
Dieter F. Uchtdorf
*read/listen to his talk again
Robert D. Hales
*Teach children
*Family Home Evening
*You cannot pray away agency
*Wayward children - Pray to know when to talk and when to be still
*Sometimes it's their life experiences that help them come back
*Let the Savior be your caregiver
*Teach children to love and serve one another
Carol F. McKonkie, YW presidency
*If we expect to receive, we must ask
*We pray to Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, through the power of the Holy Ghost, thus using all three members of the Godhead when we pray.
*We need to know to receive the answers to our prayers
*Pray always with full hearts
*We receive answers most clearly when we silence what we want and open our hearts to what God wants for us
President Monson plopped into chair after song
Craig C. Christensen
*Do not let your questions paralyze your faith
*Read the Book of Mormon as if you are Joseph Smith translating it for the first time.
*When Joseph translated the Book of Mormon, he learned about things that would happen to him before they had happened
Juan A. Uceda
*Story about not listening to prompting and almost losing life
*In the morning he prayed with his lips, in the evening, he prayed with his heart
*When you pray, are you really praying, or are you saying your prayers?
J. Devn Cornish
*Sisters and Brothers
*We false judge our self worth by the opinions of others
*The only option of us that matters is what out Heavenly Father thinks of us
*Yes, I am good enough
*Yes, I will make it as long as I keep repenting and do not rationalize or rebel
*All the Lord expects of us is to try, but we really have to try
*It is not possible to sink lower than Christ's infinite Atonement
*Premeditated sin is the worst
*With repeated sin, we distance ourselves from the Savior
Neil L. Andersen
*Temple work is like a giant puzzle
*Guilt has an important role. It awakens us to the changes we need to make.
*The timing of someone else's conversion is not up to us. Think Taylor.
*Share the gospel, and don't be discouraged if someone says no


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