I had to go into the office today. Again. For the third day in a row.  It was so hard to go. I left for home around 1:50. I got on the freeway and saw the traffic meters going, which isn’t a good thing. Then I remembered overhearing a client at the office saying there was a huge a accident at 7800 South. I was able to get right off the freeway at 114th, right where the traffic was backing up, but then discovered that the road doesn’t go all the way through yet. So I had to take the frontage road down to 106th South, and then head West with everyone else that was getting off the freeway there. I was on the phone with The Teenager, and then the call dropped. Then The Doctor called. Then The Teenager beeped in. And I was frustrated and just wanted to get home.

I was nearing an intersection and the light turned yellow and I sped up. I was talking to Tom and looked in my mirror and there was a cop and I was being pulled over. Crap. I pulled into a gas station and gave him my license and stuff. He asked if I was in hurry. I started to give excuses, but then I just apologized and said there wasn’t an excuse. I apologized several times, but I also pointed out to him that I really didn’t break the law. My sister had to go to traffic court, and they told her that if you are in the intersection before the light turns red, you are okay. The cop reminded me that the law is that if you have time to slow down, you should. I agreed and apologized again. He checked out my license, and then he let me go. I was so grateful to not get a ticket. I kept my speed down and was very careful the rest of the way home. I was so glad to pull into the garage. I breathed a big sigh of relief!

I helped The Teenager finish his project this afternoon, which meant I ignored all the other kids when they got home, which is never good for The Princess and she had a meltdown, and then I had a meltdown. I still had laundry to finish from yesterday, supper to make, The Teenager and The Chocoholic had activities tonight, The Artist had a choir concert tonight and I just lost it.

I don’t know how women work full time and do everything else. I just don’t know how.


Angie said... Reply To This Comment

Sounds like a rough day! I don't know how you do everything you do! You are amazing!!!

Melissa said... Reply To This Comment

What a bummer! I don't know how women do it all either - they have crazy days and get pulled over by a cop on the craziest one of all. Way to be honest and get out of a ticket w/o showing cleavage ;)

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