When The Princess was born, she was nearly 6 years younger than The Chocoholic.  So it had been a while since I had been anywhere near the baby aisle.  And when she started eating baby food, I was amazed to see that the baby food now came in plastic containers.  With snap-on lids.  I was so excited!

I saved every single container that we used.  Washed them and kept them.  And used them.  What do I use them for? 

I keep my little packets of Sweet & Low/Equal/Splenda in them.  They are the perfect width and keep them organized in my cupboard.

I put The Princess' hair accessories in them...bobby pins, elastics, etc.

I use them to organize my scrapbooking accessories...eyelets, brads, buttons, etc.

We use them to keep screws and washers and such in perfect order.

Have you kept your old containers?  If so, what do you use them for?

P.S.  If anyone has formula cans, can you save a few and give them to me?  I use those for keeping bulk screws and nails in the garage.  Thanks!


Angie said... Reply To This Comment

I always used them to hold baby snacks instead of buying other containers. My MIL used to ask me to collect them for her to store sewing things.

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