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‘Twas the Night before Christmas
And all through the land
All the people were stirring,
The sight was so grand!

The prophet had said
That the night would be bright.*1
And folks all together looked
Up at the sight.

The children, excited–
No sleeping tonight.
The sun had gone down, but the
Skies were still bright.*2

And Ma in her study
And I at my books,
Had gone to the window
To take a good look.

While out on the lawn
In the mild, balmy weather,
Some Nephites had come
There to bring us together.

Away to the entry
We flew like a flash,
Pushed open the door,
Rushed out in a dash.

The light in the night
With the star all aglow
Gave a luster of mid-day*3
To objects below.

And there to our wondering* eyes
Did appear,
‘twas the new star that shined*4
And the time was now here.

Thus the prophet named Samuel
Had been so precise.
The five years were up*5—what
A glorious sight!

The prophets of old they
Predicted the same.
We remembered those prophets.
We called them by name.

There’s Samuel, and Nephi,
And Jacob, and Enos,
King Benjamin, Alma,
Isaiah, and Zenos.

They said Christ, He would come
And bless crippled and blind.*6
His birth would bring blessings to
All of mankind.

King Benjamin said
That an angel appeared*7
And he told him of Christ and His
Mother so dear.*8

And by revelation*9
Old Jacob did see*10
Our dear Savior, our Lord,
“Unto God ye must cleave.”11

“Your sins are forgiven,”
Said Jesus to Enos.*12
And Christ will show mercy
As He did for Zenos.*13

From the brass plates they read*14
Of Isaiah of old.
As a prophet from God, of Christ’s
Birth he foretold.*15

It was Nephi, the first,
Said His life He would give.*16
He would come to the Nephites
To prove that He lived.*17

“Redemption comes only
Through Christ’s sacrifice,”
Thus said Alma, the prophet,
“Christ would pay the price.”*18

I, Nephi, was praying
The sign would appear
When the voice of the Lord
Said to be of good cheer.*19

“Tonight is the night
That the sign will be given.
And prayers will be answered
As I come from heaven.”*20

Some Nephites believed it,
But those who did not,
Said, “Destroy the believers.
Destroy the whole lot.”*21

“Your faith has been vain,
‘cuz the time is now past and
We never will see
A new star in this vast land.”22

But their plan was now thwarted
The star had appeared.*23
Many came to me, Nephi,*24
But some fell in fear.*25

And those who did come,
Came believing within,*26
Came searching for God,
Came repenting of sin.*27

Came asking forgiveness,
Their sorrow sincere.
Came seeking baptism,*28
Their vision now clear.

Yes, prophets had spoken
Their words had come true.
If any had doubted,
The people now knew.

Again in the land
Were the people united.
With glad exclamation
The Nephites all shouted,

“’Tis the Savior now born
In a land far away.
To our land He will come,
And will visit one day.”

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*The word wondering used here is intended to describe the wonderment and beauty of the light coming from the new star; the star which made the skies bright, even though the sun had gone down. There was no wondering (questioning) in Nephi’s mind that the star would appear.


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