I cannot believe how fast the weeks are going.  This week has been especially crazy.  Monday, The Chocoholic and The Princess started school.  It is so nice to have them doing something besides bugging me!  LOL  No, they have been really good, it’s just nice to have some quiet.

Not that it’s totally quiet, because The Artist and The Teenager are still around, playing video games.  I try to make them go outside and play, but what is a 16 year old going to do outside?  Jump rope?  LOL  He is working a lot, and I have been having them do things around the house.

Yesterday I cleaned out my pantry.  I started it right after the kids left for school, before it was too hot and I was too awake to realize that I was crazy.  I took everything out, washed down the walls and the shelves, organized and got rid of stuff (to the chagrin of my hubby) and put it all back. It only took me 3 hours and it looks so nice.  Now I want to do the kitchen. And bathroom.  And closets.  It’s a sickness.

I have been scrapbooking.  I get stuck because I know how cute people make their pages, but that’s not me.  I am simple and not over the top.  I want my scrapbooks to be about the pictures, not the stuff.  I used to subscribe to “Creating Keepsakes,” but I cancelled my subscription.  The lady that owns the magazine had done a layout and it took me forever to find the actual picture.  It was a 12x12 page and the picture was in the top right corner, overwhelmed by all the embellishments on the rest of the page.  I knew that is not how I wanted my scrapbooks. 

Anyway, so I get stuck because I think I need more, but I don’t.  My kids don’t look at their scrapbooks and say, “Oh, look at that cute fiber!  Oh, look how adorable those buttons are!”  No, they look at the pictures.  The embellishments are there to enhance the picture.  So I am slowly moving along. 

Yeah, so in between all of this, I have been working.  It is easier to go to work when I know I don’t have to take The Princess somewhere to have her babysat.  I am so grateful to all those who have been willing to watch her.  Last year, I just traded with a lady in my neighborhood.  She watched The Princess one day a week, and I watched her daughter one day a week.  It worked out great, but I still felt guilty.  And even on the days I was home, I was sitting on my computer working and not playing with her.  So now I can work and not have major guilt. 

So what has been keeping you busy?


Frank, Heidi and Family said... Reply To This Comment

Summer has just been keeping us busy- playing with the kids, cleaning, yard work, family parties and reunions, etc. It's just gone by way too fast. Way to go for scrapbooking again. I definitely need to catch-up on my stuff.

Debbie said... Reply To This Comment

Let's see, I've been busy mostly sitting on my backside:)
I really don't do hardly anything when my kids are out of school. Once they go back, I will panic and start tackling that every growing to-do list.

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