Okay, there is something inherently wrong with school shopping in July.  Because The Chocoholic and The Princess are on year-round school, they start up again on Monday.  How do you shop for school clothes when it’s 98 degrees outside?  We don’t.  I go and buy them one new shirt and then we will go shopping for winter clothes in September.  When you are supposed to shop for school!

At least this year, I only have 2 first-days of school.  Last year we had 4!  The Chocoholic started school, then The Princess started a week later because of kindergarten testing.  The Artist started school a day early because he was in 7th grade and they started them early so they could get “the lay of the land.”  And then finally, The Teenager started. But even worse, on the day that The Teenager started school, The Chocoholic decided to get sick and didn’t go to school for 3 days.  So it took until that Thursday before I had them all in school.  It was so frustrating! 

Anyway, so Monday I took The Chocoholic out and today I took The Princess.  Yes, it would have been easier and faster to take them together.  But my mom always made it a point of taking us out one by one so we could have some alone time together.  It was so much fun.  I vividly remember doing that with my mom, and I want that to be a special memory with my kids.

The hard part is that in Utah, the teachers cannot send home a required supplies list.  So they send home a suggested supplies list, or a “wish” list.  But they wait until the first day of school to send it out.  So then I have to go shopping a second time.  It’s frustrating.  But I do it because I know how hard the teachers work and how much money of their own they spend. 

So I have 5 more days until school starts.  Whoo Hoo!


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I know a lot of people that go shopping for the next year, when the sales hit the stores. Like the end-of-summer sales will start happening soon, and you could get your kids the sizes they'll be wearing next year. So in the spring, when the winter clothes go on sale, you could do your school shopping then!

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