1.  Gingerbread: For or against? Discuss.

I love gingerbread.  Not gingerbread men, but real gingerbread.  I have only had it a couple of times, but it is so yummy!  Warm with whipped cream on top.  Delicious!

2. Is it important to you to always stay (live) close to family?

Yes.  Right now, I live 15 minutes away from my parents, and one of my brothers.  My other brother and my 2 sisters live farther away.  I have to drive 20 minutes to get to their houses.  I love being close to family. 

3. Which holiday pretend character do you wish really existed?

Santa Claus.  To have someone bring you something that you really want, and you don’t have to pay for it would be lovely. 

4. Is there a particular Christmas song that you love? Any that you're tired of?

I love “The Best Gift” by Barbara Streisand, and also her version of “Jingle Bells.”  That album is what I have to listen to when I am putting up my tree, because that is what we always listened to growing up.  I am so over “Feliz Navidad.”  They sing it over and over and over.  A song is not just 6 words long!  Unless you are Weird Al.

5.  Is there a particular Christmas movie that you love? Any that you're tired of?

It has become a tradition now that after we lay out our stockings and put out cookies and milk for Santa, we get The Princess into bed (because she has to get to sleep for Santa to come), and then we watch “A Christmas Story” with the 3 older boys.  It is so much fun to sit around in our new pj’s and watch that and eat Christmas cookies. 

6. Does it upset you to see "Xmas" instead of Christmas? How about "Happy Holidays" etc., instead of "Merry Christmas?"

Happy Holidays doesn’t bother me as much, but I always say “Merry Christmas” because that is what I am celebrating.  I don’t get offended if someone says “Happy Hanukkah,” so why do they get upset at me?  However, I REFUSE to write “Xmas” because that is taking Christ out of Christmas, and that is the reason we celebrate Christmas in the first place.

7. Do you dream of a white Christmas? Any chance of that dream becoming a reality?

We have a white Christmas 99% of the time.  I love snow…at Christmas.  In a perfect world, it would snow lightly in December, then snow heavy on Christmas Eve, stay for a day or two, then melt off and the rest of the year would be in the 70’s. 

8. Tell me about a Christmas present you received as a child.

I remember the year I was 8 or 9, my dad made me a vanity table, and he made my brothers each desks.  I loved to sit there and pretend to put on makeup.  Then we moved and “supposedly” didn’t have room to take them. I was so sad!

9. How do you keep yourself centered on the significance of Christmas?

Going to church every week definitely keeps Christ on my mind.  I also try to eliminate things that are going to stress me out.  Last year it was neighbor gifts, but I felt like a Scrooge afterwards! 

10.  What is your favorite Christmas memory?

When we lived in Rexburg and we owned a pizza store.  We had our Christmas Eve celebration at the store around the fireplace, and then my brothers hooky bobbed on the way home.  I can still see them standing up with their glasses full of snow!  it was so much fun!

11. Star or angle on top?

Angel.  Well, we have two trees and the kids tree has a star, but my tree in my living room has an angel.  Pink angel. 


Nancy said... Reply To This Comment

what is hooky bobbed? I've never heard that expression before!

The Mom said... Reply To This Comment

That is when you hang on to the bumper of the car and try to stay on your feet while the car is driving in the snow. You slide around and it's extremely dangerous! But fun too! I still can't believe my mom allowed it!

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