I love lists. 

I could not get anything accomplished without my lists.  I write it down and then I do it and then I cross it off.  I feel a sense of empowerment when I cross things off! 

When we were planning our vacation to California, I was terrified of forgetting anything.  I had a list for packing, a list for what I needed to do before we left, a list of things we needed to do when we got home.  I also had  a list for our neighbor of how to take care of our place while we were gone (thanks Melissa!).

Because of this, The Doctor dubbed me “List Girl.”  He said if I was ever a superhero, that would be my name. There could be worse names!


Jessica said... Reply To This Comment

I totally get the list thing. I love to write lists on graph paper. I also write a lot of lists in Excel because then I can alphabetize or prioritize automatically. I haven't been writing lists lately. Maybe that's why I'm flustered and overwhelmed.

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