How much does it cost to get a “free” education?

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Required fees                                             $75                   $77                    $92

“Optional” fees (if you want your child to do anything interesting)

                                                                      $85                   $80                     $25

Yearbooks                                                   $40                   $16                    $16

Cross country camp                                 $130

Cross country shoes                                 $90

Clothes for gym                                                                                                 $30

Insurance for school iPod                        $25

Graduation announcements                 $108

Cap and gown                                            $40

Totals                                                          $593                $173                      $163

Grand total = $929

This is just what I have paid so far.  There will be more fees for the second semester, more if they want to be in the play or if they do any other sports.  They are also in 2 dance classes each. Fortunately, their dance teacher is amazing and we are cleaning her studios in exchange for tuition which would be $250/month. There will be concert fees and recital fees.  And the worst part is that I can't write any of it off! 


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Yikes! I better start saving now.

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