How do you define true love? 

1.  In February, I got prepped for 2 crowns (on a side note, don’t ever do two at a time.  Just don’t.)  A week later, I went back to get the permanent crowns put on.  My teeth were so sensitive, they had to numb me just to get them cemented on. 

By the time I got home, I was in such pain.  I was miserable.  I was trying to think of what to make for supper and what I was going to do for the Stake Conference Children’s choir practice that night.

The doctor got home at 5:30 and immediately sent me upstairs to bed to lay down.  He fixed supper and got the kids taken care of.  When he woke me up, supper was on the table.  I was able to eat and then go to the choir practice rested.

2.  The Doctor teaches high school for his full time job.  That means he is home during the summer.  Last summer, he self-appointed himself to make supper every night.  The kids loved it because I then helped them with the dishes each night.  But I loved it more because I could relax in the afternoons!

3.  The Doctor also teaches at a local university on weekends.  This means that on some Saturdays, he has to get up early.  If the Princess wakes up before he leaves, he convinces her to stay downstairs and eat breakfast and let me sleep until he leaves.

4.  When I get a new book, especially one that I have been anticipating, I start reading and I can’t put it down.  When the last Harry Potter book came out, I went to Wal-Mart and bought it at noon.  I went home and started reading. 

And I didn’t stop.  For 12 hours.

Yes, I read the whole book in 12 hours.  But the most important thing is that I didn’t do anything else.  I didn’t cook, pay attention to the kids, anything. 

And my sweet hubby let me.  He took care of everything.  I didn’t ask him to.  He just stepped up and did it.  Because he loves me.

5.  He tells me everyday that he loves me.  He tells me how beautiful and sexy I am.

So to me, these define true love. 


Jessica said... Reply To This Comment

You've got one of the "good ones." You deserve it. And, I imagine you do wonderful things for him in turn.

Angie said... Reply To This Comment

That is cute. I totally agree. That definitely means true love.

charrette said... Reply To This Comment's the small stuff that makes for great romance! Thanks for sharing.

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