When I was in high school, I dressed for style. 

Now, I never wore name brand clothes…why pay $100 for a pair of jeans when you can get 5 pairs for that price? 

But I dressed nice.  I had nice clothes and I took good care of them.  Some things got hand-washed, and I actually ironed.  I had places to go and I had the clothes to wear.

Then I got married and started having babies.  And gaining weight.  That’s when I started dressing for function. 

When I went shopping, I looked for easy care…stain resistant, easy to wash, no ironing, etc.  I was on the floor the majority of the time taking care of my kids, and I was at home 99% of the time, so what did I need nice clothes for?

Now that my children are older, I’m not on the floor anymore.  but I am still fat.  It’s so hard to buy clothes that are attractive on you when you are overweight.  They make the clothes look so cute, until you get them on.

No wonder I hate my clothes!


Jessica said... Reply To This Comment

Amen sister! I was nominated for "best dressed" in my junior college. Today I wore a formula stained t-shirt, jeans and no makeup. It doesn't help that trying to find clothes that fit, look nice and are fashionable is like getting a root canal.

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