So I have a wide variety of hair length preference between my children.
The Princess got her hair cut last February, and we have both decided that we liked it better when it was longer. So she is growing it out again.

The Chocoholic likes his buzzed to the skin. Next summer, we are shaving it completely bald. He is so excited!

Now that he is getting older, The Artist prefers his a little longer, and is trying new styles in order to look older. I love his hair combed down in the front.

Finally, The Teenager. What can I say? I think the pictures tell it all...

This is all within 3 months. Yes, that is brown to blonde on top, then he went all blonde, but we didn't get a picture of that, then he wanted black highlights, but they turned blue! So he shelled out $45 to go to a professional and have it dyed dark, dark brown. I hope he goes back to his natural color soon. And he wants it long...the longer the better. I told him it has to be above his ears and above his collar. Oh, I hope it make it until he goes on his mission!


devri said... Reply To This Comment

I guess you already know how I stand on this.

Frank, Heidi and Family said... Reply To This Comment

It's funny how all the kids preferences are different. Right now both of mine want long hair, unfortunately, Jackson's hair doesn't go the way that looks cool when it's long, so sorry- no luck.

Melissa said... Reply To This Comment

At least your teenager doesn't want tattoos or body piercings...besides, shoveling my driveway is an indicator that underneath the hair expressions is a heart of gold.

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