In no particular order...
  1. My Heavenly Father
  2. Jesus Christ
  3. The gift of the atonement
  4. My wonderful husband
  5. My Teenager
  6. My Artist
  7. My Chocoholic
  8. My Princess
  9. Hair Blogs (I just discovered them and they are cool!)
  10. Calculators
  11. Heaters
  12. Air conditioners
  13. Oreos
  14. My mom
  15. My dad
  16. I could list each person individually, but I think that might be akin to cheating, so I will just say my family.
  17. Christmas music
  18. Christmas lights
  19. Fresh picked tomatoes from my garden
  20. Cell phones
  21. My job (Because since I have to work, it is the best job ever!)
  22. My boss (see above)
  23. My degree for allowing me to get a great job
  24. Toilet paper
  25. Feminine products
  26. Hysterectomies, which eliminate the need for #25!
  27. Fresh clean water from my tap
  28. Naps
  29. The color pink
  30. Blogs
  31. My planner
  32. My washing machine and dryer
  33. Food
  34. Flowers
  35. Square foot gardening, which made it possible for me to NOT have to weed my garden!
  36. Books
  37. The ability to read
  38. Music
  39. Piano
  40. The ability to play the piano
  41. A soft bed
  42. Chocolate
  43. Kissing
  44. The internet
  45. My Loopy friends (you know who you are!)
  46. My camera
  47. Scrapbooking
  48. Peppermint ice cream
  49. The ability to smell
  50. Scents
  51. The ability to taste
  52. When my daughter does my hair
  53. My own tools
  54. My husband having a good job
  55. My sisters (I know I covered them in #16, but I had to say them specifically)
  56. Old pictures
  57. Our prophet, Thomas S. Monson
  58. Living in the United States of America, and the freedoms that entails
  59. The Priesthood
  60. Random acts of kindness
  61. Sincere compliments
  62. Sleeping in on Saturday mornings
  63. Cold milk
  64. My computer
  65. When my children obey
  66. Being able to work from home
  67. The price of gas going down
  68. Apricot smoothies
  69. "Secret" bras
  70. Birthday presents
  71. My DVD/HD recorder
  72. Laughing
  73. When my husband cooks dinner
  74. Indoor plumbing
  75. A clean house
  76. Checking off everything on my to-do list
  77. Smiles
  78. Waves
  79. Shopping
  80. Window shopping
  81. Flip flops
  82. When my teenager hugs me (every day...I am not taking it for granted!)
  83. Leading music in Primary
  84. My health
  85. Ladybugs
  86. Remembering the feeling of a baby kicking inside me
  87. Knowing that I will never be pregnant again!
  88. Funny jokes from the internet
  89. ClearPlay DVD player
  90. Homemade chicken noodle soup
  91. My grandparents, both living and dead
  92. Ancestors who crossed the plains and suffered so I could be born in the gospel
  93. That my life doesn't revolve around sports
  94. That my husband's life doesn't revolve around sports
  95. My boys who are learning to be gentlemen
  96. My house
  97. Food storage
  98. Health insurance
  99. Love
  100. People who comment on my blog
What are you thankful for?


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