The Teenager was bummed again this year because we still wouldn't let him go trick or treating (12 years old is the cut off), but he discovered something even better. He sat out on the lawn and scared the kids as they went by him. He had strict instructions not to scare anyone under the age of 10, but he got the teenagers really good! He is already planning what he is going to do next year!

The Artist as Indiana Jones.
The Chocoholic as a girl...his idea, not mine! Oh, and the heels? They lasted to the house across the street and back to our house to put on tennis shoes! LOL
The Princess went as a married fairy. Married because of the "veil" she was wearing. It looks a lot like the one I wore for my wedding, and she has already tried that one on, so she was married. It was so cute!


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she is a doll!!!

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