So I have redeemed myself. On my way home from work Monday, I heard on the radio that the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point was only $2 admission for the month of August. So we decided to surprise the kids and go there. We haven't done anything this year, due to lack of money. I figured I could splurge and spend $12 on them.

So we picked up The Artist and The Chocoholic after school and took off. They all knew something was up because we wouldn't let them ride their bikes to school. But I kept quiet! I did give them one hint without them knowing it was hint...I put on the DVD of "Dinosaurs" for them to watch on the way down.
So we arrived and as we pulled into the parking lot, they all saw where we were and got so excited! Well, with the exception of The Teenager, who is too cool to get excited about anything anymore.

It was so fun to go through the museum again. The last time we were there was about 5 years ago.

The Teenager loved reading the labels for each dinosaur and learning more about them.

The Artist and The Chocoholic just ran from one display to another.

The Princess just loved everything about it, mostly when we walked in outer space. She thought that was too cool!

It was very cool and fun to go. They want to go every Tuesday for the rest of the month now! LOL
The only bad thing was that there were soooooo many people there! It was hot and after 2 hours of walking around, I was tired and ready to go home.
But I am so glad we went, and I am off the black list again (I think...The Teenager hasn't gotten out of bed yet)!


Angie said... Reply To This Comment

Looks like you had a fun time! Thanks for the information too, I might need to take Brooklyn there since she's never been.

Jen said... Reply To This Comment

Oh we LOVE thanksgiving point!

We did the Junior Paleo lab last time we were there for the first time, and the kids loved it!

Have you heard they are going to build a new children's museum with hands on activities in other realms of science? Awesome!

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