The Teenager was getting dressed for church yesterday and came upstairs at 10:05 (church starts at 11:00) and asked me if I knew where his white shirt was. Well, me being the keeper of the white shirts, informed him that I did not know where it was. He went back to his room, and soon came up with his white shirt.
Really dirty.
It was in the dirty clothes and when he did his laundry after scout camp, he didn’t do any of his regular laundry (I am making him do his own laundry because he put clean clothes all over the floor and then washed them all again). So I told him to figure out what he was going to do because I didn’t know and he WAS going to church.

Soon he came upstairs and said the only white shirt he had was his tuxedo shirt from his band uniform. I told him to put it on. He was TICKED at me!
When we were in the car going to church, he told us he was NOT going to pass the sacrament because he would "show everyone up" in his tux. I laughed(hmmm, probably shouldn't have done that) and informed him that yes, he was going to pass. He had the most sour look on his face all through church.

When church was over, it being the first Sunday of the month, we informed him to go get his route for Fast Offerings. He was mortified that he had to do them in his tux. Again, he tried to tell us he wasn’t going to do them. Again, I informed him that he had a Priesthood responsibility and he was going to fulfill it.
He really doesn’t like me very much right now!


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Camille- LOVE the new PINK layout!!

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Thanks for stopping by my blog! I just love your layout! Very pretty!

Aprill said... Reply To This Comment

I remember having to wear tennis shoes to church at least once, although it seems like it was more than that. I must have lost my church shoes or grown out of them. I was so embarrassed. But you don't miss church for some little reason like that, so I wore my tennis shoes. Anyway, I sympathize with him. At that age, popularity is everything to your social life, and appearance is everything to your popularity.

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