So I was all ready to post a complaint about florescent light bulbs. I had some and put them outside my house and they have been burning for 4 years now. That's awesome.

But in my house? I hate them. All I get is orange light. I have resisted putting them in because of the orange glow, but I finally broke down and bought some to appease The Doctor, who felt we were going through too many light bulbs.

But now my family room is orange in the mornings. I hate them. I hate them. I hate them.

However, when I was looking for a picture to go with this post, I discovered a web site that says there are different "correlated color temperatures" of these light bulbs. The ones that put out a "warm" glow (orange) are the most readily available and are around 2700K-3000K (K meaning kelvins.


They are also available in higher kelvin color temperature (3500K, 4100K, 5000K, 6500K) and will emit more white to bluish-white light. These are usually identified with the terms "bright white," "natural" or "daylight."

The orange light is 2700K and the white light is 3500K.

See the difference?
I am off on a hunt for higher kelvin compact florescent lightbulbs! Wish me luck!


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lol-good luck. You'll have to let us know if you find and like the better bulbs. That'd be great!

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