When t was 2 years old, he saw his daddy going to the bathroom. He thought that was so cool and wanted to try. He stood in front of the toilet for a few minutes, but nothing happened. He finally turned to me and said, "I can't, it's broken."

After n was born, he and t shared a room. When n would wake up crying in the middle of the night, t would get woken up. He would groggily open his eyes and say, "Hush up baby, me sleeping."

We are a Star Trek/Star Wars/SciFi family. One day when we were watching Star Trek, 3 Klingons appeared. t looked at them and turned to T and asked, "Their heads hurt?"

When c was a small toddler, he went through a really hard phase, and I took to calling him a snot. One day he wouldn't eat his lunch and I got really frustrated with him. n turned to us and said, "c being snot?" It was so funny coming out of a 3 year old's mouth!

I was on the phone with my mom one day and n came up to me said, "Me talk to lady?" I told him it was Grandma and he said, "No, lady." I gave him the phone and he actually said, "Hi lady!"

One year when I got out the Halloween decorations, n was so excited. When he saw the ghosts, he shouted, "Look Mommy! Holy Ghosts!"

My sister came over to play one afternoon and agreed to play "Hungry, Hungry Hippos" with c. They each picked what color hioppo they were going to be. My sister said she learned c had been playing Nintendo when he pointed to the 2 remaining hippo's and said, "They will be the computer."

Another time my sister was over and I was teasing her. t told me to stop and I said, "I'm just giving her a bad time." c turned to her and asked, "Are you having a bad time?"

When k was almost 3, one day I did something that made her mad. She turned to me and said, "You ruined my life!"

More to come, I am sure!


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