I cannot believe how much it costs to lose weight. 

First, I am paying nearly $43 a month for Weight Watchers.  But I absolutely love Weight Watchers.  It teaches you how to eat , how to make the right food choices, and how to budget your points throughout the day.  They have an app for the smart phone, which makes keeping track of my points so much easier.  I love them.

And it is working.  As of last week, I have lost 26 pounds! 

But then we get back to the money.  Because I am shrinking out of my clothes!  I had a bunch of capri’s in my closet that I pulled out yesterday to wear, and none of them fit.  They were all too big!  So now I have nothing to wear for summer.  All my t-shirts are ginormous.  I have started wearing The Teenager’s t-shirts, which kind of annoys him.  Even my pajama pants are too big!

And let’s talk about bras.  I have shrunk out of those as well.  Or I should say out of it.  Because I only had one that semi-fit me to start with – it was too small.  But now it’s too big.  Fortunately, as I was looking for a smaller pair of pajama pants, which I found tucked in a back drawer under my bed, I found 8 bras from skinnier days!  All of them were the good Victoria’s Secret bras!  3 of them were too big (I skipped a whole size!) and 3 of them were still brand-new in the plastic!  I was thrilled!  And so is my checkbook.

Anyway, I am looking at having to buy a whole new wardrobe for summer, and I still have over 30 pounds to go!  But I will not complain.  I love being skinny-er.  I am not skinny yet, but I am getting there.  The Doctor took me shopping last week for an Easter outfit, and it was so much fun to try on clothes!  They fit well, and I didn’t feel like an elephant!  I used to dread shopping for clothes, but not anymore. 

Now, if someone wanted to just give me a couple hundred dollars to pay for them!

Anyone? Winking smile


Jessica said... Reply To This Comment

Hurray! That is a good problem to have.

Tia said... Reply To This Comment

Good job! Keep it up! And it's not about being "skinny", it's about being healthy! ;)

Melissa said... Reply To This Comment

I say own it - enjoy the shopping and you're worth the price tag(s)!

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