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Elder L. Tom Perry

· The Book of Mormon delivers us by teaching a pure and most correct way of the doctrine of Christ

· 2 similar stories

o King Limhi -the Lord was slow to hear their cries because of their iniquities

o Alma and his people in the land of Helam – the Lord answered their cries quickly because they were peaceful and more righteous

· Why does the world need both the Bible and the Book of Mormon? The BOM establishes the truth of the Bible

· When used together, they confound false doctrine

· Turn our tents so the door faces the temple, the Book of Mormon, and the gospel

Elder M. Russell Ballard

· Liahona compared to GPS

· Tool even more remarkable than the GPS – promptings of the Holy Ghost, atoning sacrifice of the Savior

· It is our homes and families in this time

· More than half of the children born in the US to women under 30 are born to single mothers

· Education is very important

· The most important cause of our lifetime is our families

· As members of this church, we can bridge the gap

· The Lord uses this church as a tool to pull his children together

· No other success can compensate for failure in the home

· We need to things in the right order – marriage first, then family

· No career can bring you as much fulfillment as raising a family

· Husbands and wives should be equal partners in the marriage

· Use the family resources of the church

Elder O. Vincent Haleck

· Left his home in Samoa and came to US to go to school

· His parents fasted and prayed on a certain day every week to help their children

· Where there is no vision, people perish

· When you serve a mission, you bless the lives of many, and change your own life

· We act when we fast and pray

· The Savior said: What manner of men ought ye to be? Even as I am.

Elder Larry Y. Wilson

· The right to use the priesthood is directly related to righteousness

· Anyone time we try to compel someone to righteousness is not God’s way

· We cannot wait until our children are leaving the home to allow them to make their own decisions

· We must teach them to pray and how to receive answers to their prayers

· Do my children feel welcome and loved when they come home? Am I giving them compliments?

Elder David F. Evans

· We must talk and testify of Christ to our children

· Letters from home are not just quick emails

· Our missionary experiences have to be current. You have to continue to naturally share the gospel

· Is all the work worth it if only one person is brought into the church? Yes!

· Never delay a prompting

· As we act on the promptings, miracles will occur and lives will be changed

Elder Paul B. Piepir

· Through a still small voice, he will testify of Christ

· That which comes from above is sacred. Light and knowledge from heaven is sacred

· Sacred things are to be treated with more care.

· The opposite of sacred is profane, temporal, worldly

· Secular is important for daily living, but you must place the sacred above the secular

· What greater witness can you have, than from God?

· Those who choose to abandon even one sacred thing, will have their mind darkened

Elder Neil L. Andersen

· What thinks Christ of me?

· Being a disciple in these days will be a badge of honor in the eternities

· Discipleship is not a competition, but an invitation

· It is a lifelong migration toward a celestial world

· What would Jesus do?

· We must believe in Him in times of peace, and in times of difficulty

President Thomas S. Monson

· We live in troubled times

· HF is mindful of our trials, and desires to help us

· Pray always

· Settle disagreements among family members now


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