I did my taxes today.  I enjoy doing my own taxes.  But I have a hard time hitting the submit button (to e-file them).  I always worry that I have missed something or we will get more forms in the mail.  It usually takes me a couple of days before I can submit them.

But I digress.

The Teenager can’t vote.  He can’t legally buy cigarettes or alcohol (I’m not complaining about that!).  If he commits a crime, he would be tried as a juvenile.  But The Teenager turned 17 this year.  And, according to the IRS, he is no longer considered a child.  We no longer get the $1,000 child tax credit for him. 

I guess this is the beginning of the end. 


Frank, Heidi and Family said... Reply To This Comment

I am not looking forward to that time. That stinks- i'm so sorry.

Angie said... Reply To This Comment

What, I thought you could claim them at least until 18!? Sorry.

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