Yay!  It’s February!  January is over!  For those of us who do payroll, January is the crazy month.  We have quarterly taxes to do, sales tax to report, and W-2’s to get out.  It’s insane, and my boss is not that fun to talk to.  I ended up working on a Saturday morning to get a report out for her.  And it doesn’t help that stupid clients wait until the 25th to give us their paperwork. As in their entire year’s worth of bank statements that have to be data entered and reconciled before we can do their sales tax.  Grrrr. 

But, it’s over!  And now we can breathe! Now I can think about doing my own taxes.  I love doing my own taxes!


Angie said... Reply To This Comment

January is horrible enough without having to worry about all of that! Congrats! You made it!!

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