I blew off my boss yesterday because I had to take care of me (I went and exercised).  So this morning I had to do some work and it was a disaster. I couldn’t figure out where to classify things and I was frustrated that I had to work on Saturday, and then I was frustrated that I had to work at all and I finally got in the shower and had a good cry. But I was still in a bad mood the rest of the day. I tried really hard to snap out of it, but I just couldn’t shake it. It didn’t help that I am super stressed out about money right now.

I made sugar cookie dough and helped The Princess make cookies using her new cookie press. I didn’t want to make them, but I had promised her, so I was stuck doing it. I tried to make it fun for her, but I think I did a lousy job. When we were done, I went and laid down for a while.  We went over to the pool and I was able to just lay there and rest for a while. I also did some reading, and that helped my mood. Unfortunately, I kept thinking about all the things that I should have been doing. 

I also got The Teenager upset at me and the whole day was just shot.  I shouldn’t have gotten out of bed this morning.  Oh yeah, I wouldn’t have gotten up so early if the neighbors across the street hadn’t been out smoking and yelling and swearing up a storm.  I had to get up and shut the windows and blinds, but by then I was awake and thinking about the work that I had to do.

Yeah, here’s hoping tomorrow is a better day.


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For some reason I'm way behind on blogs. I'm sorry it was that kind of day (even though it's passed now). I hate it when I feel like I've let everyone down. I know you're kids won't remember that day and they will remember the fun good times with mom and dad. Don't beat yourself up and yes sometimes we just need a good cry.

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