The Chocoholic and The Princess started school the last week of July.  That was nice, but not enough.  I still had The Doctor at home as well as my two oldest boys. 

The Doctor started going back to his classrooms last week to get it set up and ready.  That was nice, but not enough I still had the two oldest boys home.

Until today.

Finally it was the first day of school for The Artist and The Teenager.  The Artist is in 8th grade this year, and The Teenage is a junior.  A junior!  I remember being a junior in high school and I was so much older and more mature!  I am sure of that!  But I digress.

At 7:51 I was a free woman.  They were all gone to school and I let out a big “Whoo hoo” throughout the neighborhood.  The Chocoholic asked me what I was going to do all day.  He was very concerned that I would be bored.  He’s so cute!

So I was alone.  All. Day. Long.  It was quiet.  I just sat and listened to the silence. What a wonderful day!

How was your day?


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