I feel very strongly about working on Sunday, or rather NOT working on Sunday.  I believe that you should avoid it as much as possible.  I know that there are jobs where Sunday work is unavoidable.  But there are times when it can be avoided.  And one of those times is as a teenager.

I have told my children that I would rather they didn’t have a job, than work on Sunday.  I believe that if they get that ingrained in their minds as teenagers, then they will gain a testimony of it for when they are adults.  There are plenty of places for teenagers to work, and there are plenty of people who will work on Saturday.  My kids don’t need to.

Taylor recently started working at McDonald’s.  When he was hired, he told them he couldn’t work on Sunday.  The manager gave him a lot of pressure to cave, and even told him to talk to us and ask us if he could work on Sunday.  But Taylor stood firm.  He told him he could work every Friday and Saturday night, but not Sunday. 

And you know what?  He has never been scheduled for Sunday.  Even working 32 hours a week, he has had every Sunday off. I know that Heavenly Father is proud of him and is blessing him for making that choice.  And he will continue to be blessed. 


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That's awesome! Way to go Taylor! Which McDonald's does he work at?

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