I am thankful for my husband, who is working so hard for us.  There are many days that I am alone in the evenings, and this is why:

He teaches high school at 2 different schools two counties away from us, which means an hour commute each way. 

He also teaches online for BYU-Idaho, teaching 2 classes and being a teaching group leader.  So when he gets home from teaching high school all day, he sits down and grades all night. 

He also teaches occasionally for Argosy University, which is one night a week. 

And now he has started teaching drivers ed, which involves teaching after school and taking the students on drives. 

He does all this to take care of us and pay for the tings we need. He started the drivers ed to pay for The Teenager’s mission, which is coming up in less than a year.

I am so lucky to have him. 


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Wow! How does he do it all?

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