Elder David A. Bednar

It is our responsibility to seek out our ancestors and do their work.

Youth can help too.  http://www.lds.org/familyhistoryyouth

Elder Neil L. Anderson

We have been commanded to multiply and replenish the earth.

Motherhood is not a hobby, it is a calling.  It is what God gave you time for. (Christian blog)

Elder Ian S. Ardern

Giving time to others brings us closer to God.

Time is never for sale, but wisely used, it’s value is immeasurable.

In family, love is spelled T-I-M-E.

The poor use of time is idleness.

Let us be as quick to kneel as we are to text.

Our greatest happiness comes as we tune into the Lord.

To have the peace the Savior speaks of, we must devote our time to things that matter most – things of God.

Satan will tempt us to miuse our time.

Elder Carl B. Cook

Heavenly Father is where we receive faith and strength to do all things.

Give your burdens to Heavenly Father and look to Him for strength.

“The Lord is my light, then why should I fear?”

Elder LeGrand R. Curtis Jr.

None can get to the Father’s presence without Christ’s help.

Fully repent and come back to God.

Elder D. Todd Christofferson

Repentance is a divine gift, it points to peace.

Invitation to repent is an expression of love.

Repentance means striving to change.  Real repentance may require repeated attempts.

Repentance means abandoning sin and committing to change.

Repentance requires willingness to change, even through pain.

Whatever the cost of repentance, it is swallowed up in the joy.

Elder L. Tom Perry

Open houses of temples, members impress people.

What can we do to advance the church? 

Be bold in our declaration of Jesus Christ.

Be righteous examples to others.

Speak up about the church.  Mormon.org – create profile.  Use the internet and social media.


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