Now, I know this is going to seem a little silly to some, but I am so excited by the new Coke machine at our Chevron station. 

When I drink soda, which isn't very often, I try to drink only diet.  But I don't drink caffeine, so that really limits my options.  Our Chevron station carried caffeine-free Diet Coke, which is what I always got.  I never complained because it was better than drinking lemonade all the time.

But now, there is this new machine that has so many diet options!  First, look at how cool and futuristic the machine is!


Now, look at the touch screen with all the options of drinks.  Notice there is Dasani water, water with carbonation, caffeine-free diet Coke, light lemonade, Fanta free (diet), and Sprite Zero.  That is 6 different diet options without caffeine!


But wait, it get's better!  When you choose the drink you want, you can then choose different flavorings to mix with it.  And it's perfectly mixed and tastes great!  Below are all the options for the caffeine-free diet Coke.  There is cherry, lime, orange, vanilla, and raspberry.


Check out the Fanta Zero!  There is fruit punch, lime, grape, strawberry, peach, raspberry, and cherry.  How cool is that?  And you could have part of different flavors, so you could have cherry lime, or strawberry grape, etc. 


As you can tell, I am slightly pumped about this!  It's the little things that thrill me!


lysa said... Reply To This Comment

Which town is this cool machine in??? I might plan my next vacation around it!

Angie said... Reply To This Comment

We tried this the other day (after we heard about it from you) and the Coke was updating (the guy at the store had never seen it do that either) so Marty didn't get to try what he wanted and I didn't see the Caffeine Free Diet Coke, which is what I wanted. So we tried other options. It was really cool, but confusing at first. So do tell, how can you mix different flavors? I need to go try it again.

The Mom said... Reply To This Comment

We're in the wonderful city of Salt Lake City, Utah! Come and visit and I'll treat!

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