1. Do you speak any foreign languages? Are there any you'd like to learn?

I can finger spell in Sign Language, so I could get by, albeit slowly.  But that’s it.  I took 1 semester of French in high school and absolutely hated it! 

2. Who is your personal hero?

My mom.  She has been through so much and it has made her stronger.  I really look up to that.  I hope someday my testimony can be as strong as hers.

3. What is one holiday food that you find extremely difficult to resist over- indulging in?

Well, there is chocolate at Valentine’s Day, chocolate at Easter, chocolate at Halloween, and my clam chowder at Christmas. 

4. Tell me about a Christmas decoration that has special meaning or sentimental value.

I love my candy chainsLook here too.

5. How do you feel about snow?

I love it…in December.  The rest of the year it should go away and it should be warm!

6. On average, how many hours of sleep do you get each night?

Six hours.  I usually go to sleep around 11:30 and I get up at 5:30.  It’s not enough sleep, but I just can’t force myself to bed earlier.

7. You're stuck in a room for 2 hours with only a chalkboard and chalk. What will you write/draw?

I would take the chalk and turn it on it’s side and cover the whole board.  Then I would erase it in patterns.

8. Do you dress for the current temp or for the day's forecast?

I dress for how I feel.  If I feel like wearing capris and flip flops, that’s what I wear.  Even if it’s winter and I have to wear a sweater to stay warm! 

9. Do you prefer to print or write cursive?

I like cursive.  It’s pretty.

10. What is the scariest movie you've ever seen? Not horror flicks but ones where the tension or suspense is killer.

“Wait Until Dark” with Audrey Hepburn.  She plays a blink woman and it is terrifying!  “What Lies Beneath” is also scary, as is “Something Wicked This Way Comes” and “Watcher in the Woods.”  All good movies!

11. Now what is the scariest real-life moment you've had?

When I was pregnant with The Chocoholic and he was diagnosed with Hydronephrosis

12. Name something you like to do but are not really talented or good at?

Everything.  I think I am okay at a lot of things (playing the piano, singing, scrapbooking, cooking, etc.), but I don’t really excel at anything.  Except getting stains out.

13. Do you get your emotional/mental batteries recharged by being around people or by having alone time?

Definitely alone time.  I am not a people person.  There is a reason I became an accountant and not a teacher!

14. Apple or pumpkin pie?


15. What lesson do you have to keep re-learning?

Patience and tolerance when I am driving.  I get terrible road rage when I am behind the wheel.  But I am trying every day.  I have found that if I drive the speed limit, I can let people go around me and I don’t get stressed out.


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