I am going crazy.  I have so much to say, but I feel like I am almost caught up. 

I finally got my journal done.  Our 8 day vacation took 9 pages in Word!  Yeah, I might be a little obsessive, but I wanted to remember everything.  I have a voice recorder on my phone, so while we were standing in lines for the rides, I would pull it out and talk about what we had done so far.  So I had to listen to them and add more detail.  It was fun to relive it all. 

Now I need to scrapbook it.  I am about 5 years behind in my scrapbooking and I scrapbook chronologically, but I want to do this vacation now while it is still fresh in my mind.  I am going to make one set, and then make color copies for the kids.  That way it's not quite so overwhelming to me.

I also had to dump all the videos off my camcorder and phones and get them edited and put onto DVD's.  That took a while too.  Then I had Father's Day to do, along with getting caught up with work, and just general stuff around the house.

5 days after we got home from our vacation, we went to The Doctor's hometown for his family reunion.  That was another night in a hotel, when I just wanted to be at home!  And then next weekend, we are going to my family reunion for 3 days.  I think I will be all vacationed out for the summer! 

My hope is that next week, I will be able to get back to regular blogging.  I miss you all!


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