This is the number of houses I have lived in since I have been married.  7 houses in 18 years. 

1. When we first got married, we were supposed to move into a brand new apartment building.  But they weren’t finished yet.  So we moved into a temporary apartment.

2. We were concerned about how much the rent was going to be on the new apartment ($400) so we were able to get into a mobile home on campus for much less ($250, including utilities).

3. 4 months later, we changed schools and cities.

4. 3 months later, we were sick of the cigarette smoke smell in our non-smoking apartment, so we moved, losing our security deposit.  We had now been married 6 months. We lived in this apartment for 3 years, almost to the day. 

5. We moved to another apartment…3 blocks away. This duplex had it’s own fenced back yard, which was so nice.  I could send the kids out to play and not have to be there with them.  And it was only 3 houses away from my mom. We lived here for nearly 5 years.

6. Finally, we were able to buy our own house.  I have blogged about what a horrible house that was. We lived there for 3 1/2 years.

7. And now we live here.  We have been here for 6 1/2 years.  That is the longest I have lived anywhere.  Seriously.  I am itching to move so bad!  How else can I get my deep cleaning done?  Because I’ve never had to do it before.  We just moved!


Angie said... Reply To This Comment

Is this a hint that you plan on moving soon? :)

The Mom said... Reply To This Comment

Honestly? We want to. We have outgrown this house and I would love to get the oldest away from the group of friends he has right now. But we have prayed about it and it's just not time yet. So you are all stuck with us!

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