Well, here we go again.  I am going to try and blog every day in November.  I’m crazy, I know. 

I have a theme this year.  I am going by the numbers.  Every post (except the Sunday quotes) will be about numbers. 

So today’s post is “1.”  Today is the 1st day of November and my goal is to end the month with the number 30, meaning I have posted every day. 

Here we go!


charrette said... Reply To This Comment

Oh, good for you! I like the number idea. I have never blogged even two days in a row before, so that would be a crowning achievement! I am, however, attempting to blog every day this week, and giving away treasures. You should stop by.

Kristen said... Reply To This Comment

I chose to do a post a day in November too. Here's to us!

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