I was taught at the feet of a prophet last night.

We went to the adult meeting for Stake Conference. I LOVE those meetings. I have no children to distract me and I can just focus and listen.

Elder Richard J. Maynes was the visiting authority. He put on a traveling microphone, got down off the stand, used a white board, and taught us.

He would talk about a principle, back it up with a scripture, explain the scripture, and back that up with another scripture.

I enjoyed it so much. When the meeting was over, I held in the tears until we got to our car, and then I just cried. The spirit was so strong.

The Church is true!


Angie said... Reply To This Comment

I agree, it was a great meeting! It's nice to not have children to distract you as well. I can't say I learned as much during Sunday's Stake Conference.

Kristen said... Reply To This Comment

I went home with a headache and feeling very overwhelmed. It's taking me some time to process it all. Guess I've got some repenting to do to get back on the path of understanding. :)

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